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Course Reserves Request Form

  • Complete this form for all course reserves requests, whether materials will be made available at the Library's Circulation Desk or posted on Moodle's eReserves.
  • Please allow one week for items to be placed on reserves during the first three weeks of the semester. Allow three days during the remainder of the semester. The process is expedited if the items to be placed on course reserves are brought to the Library.
  • You may request up to 10 articles, 10 chapters, and/or 10 books or other materials per form. If you have additional requests, complete another copy of this form.
  • This form must be submitted electronically for your eReserves request (i.e., journal articles or book chapters) to be processed. A printed copy of this form is required if you bring materials to the Library's Circulation Desk.
IMPORTANT! PLEASE NOTE! Materials may be placed on course reserves for one semester only. If you wish to place the same material on reserves for a second semester, you must obtain written permission from the owner of the copyright. A copy of this written permission must be kept on file in the Library.

Please be aware that if your Moodle course site is currently unavailable to students, it will be made available as part of the eReserves process unless you indicate otherwise below. Once the course is available, students will be able to access eReserves via an eReserves item on the navigation bar of your course site.

Select the correct number for each type of reserve to generate a custom form.

Journal Articles

Book Chapters

Books or other Materials